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This site is dedicated to those of us who are new to the "computer thing" and either want or need assistance with   the basic skills, up through "advanced skills"  This is a free site paid for by Art From God Corp. We are in desperate need of contributors, editors and tutors who are willing to share their knowlege with "beginners". If you would like to contribute questions,answers, articles or "how-to's" contact us here: click

Here are some immediate needs:


Dynamic web-site building, user-friendly pages


Perl/cgi installing


Javascript tutorials


E-mail issues/programs


Anti-virus info.


O/S Issues


Re-formating,O/S installing


"Free Stuff"


Photo imaging issues/programs


Building systems


Ftp programs


"Mac" advice


Setting up a system




Web hosting




Web promoting




Shopping carts/merchant accounts


Domain acquisitions/servicing


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